A few of you have been asking me where I am these days, so I'm going to keep you posted with a blog. I'll start with the first Philippines trip of 2010, and I'll be updating regularly. Life on the road is usually pretty boring - 12 hours of work plus dinner - so don't worry...you won't be reading an hourly journal.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Five Months Without Posts

Ridiculous. I got over-ambitious with the last round (brighter side of hot and humid?), and just blew the whole thing off.

The point of this blog was to answer a simple question: "Where in the World is Andy." So here's the answer:

July 13: New Jersey
July 14: Millerton with family!
July 15: San Mateo for 10 days

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  1. Hope I'll see Philippines again in this blog. :)