A few of you have been asking me where I am these days, so I'm going to keep you posted with a blog. I'll start with the first Philippines trip of 2010, and I'll be updating regularly. Life on the road is usually pretty boring - 12 hours of work plus dinner - so don't worry...you won't be reading an hourly journal.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Prelude: The Commute from Hell

I'm off again tomorrow morning to Manila. Looking forward to this trip a lot, with a couple of promising leaders in place and a nice pipeline of candidates to meet. The PDOC (Philippines Development and Operations Center) is beginning to take shape!

Unfortunately, there's no non-stop to Hong Kong tomorrow, so my trip is as follows: 3:30AM pick-up to the airport. Then 4 flights: Newark/Houston, Houston/Honolulu, Honolulu/Guam, and Guam/Manila. I should arrive at my Manila hotel at about 10AM Monday morning, eastern time. So I have a 4-plane, 30-hour commute to look forward to. Let's see how cranky I can get...

I'll be in Manila about 8 days. Then a one-night stop in Hong Kong for a couple of meetings, then on to India, for 2 days in Pune with Synechron, our strategic staffing partner. Back home on the 27th. Will update this site with any adventures in the Philippines, hopefully none involving medical care!

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