A few of you have been asking me where I am these days, so I'm going to keep you posted with a blog. I'll start with the first Philippines trip of 2010, and I'll be updating regularly. Life on the road is usually pretty boring - 12 hours of work plus dinner - so don't worry...you won't be reading an hourly journal.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

U.S. Update

A wonderful and peaceful weekend with a friend last week. Too short, but aren't all the good ones? Then off to Nashville, and a solidly productive week, which also feels good. There's a real gift in the balance between work and relaxation. Not always easy to achieve, to have enough of both...

Thursday evening, home. Hit by a 24-hour stomach bug, which is no fun. Lost a good bit of weight and strength, and couldn't do much Friday. But on the mend by this morning, and feeling pretty good now.

A foot of snow here in Red Bank, by the way. And an interesting surprise...somehow, all 4 of my car windows were open this morning, and my car had inches of snow throughout. And I mean everywhere. (I must have sat on the "unlock" button on the remote control, which opens the windows after a delay...) At any rate, all is cleaned up, the car is fine, and I'm settling in for the night. Getting the taxes done tomorrow, then a work-at-home week...Looking forward to it.

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